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Dual-Band Wireless AX 10G PON VoIP IAD with SFP+

AX7501-B0, Dual-Band Wireless AX 10G Fiber IAD with SFP+

The Zyxel AX7501-B0 Dual-Band Wireless AX 10G Fiber IAD with SFP+ provides ultra-high-speed fiber connection for triple-play services. By plugging in different optical transceiver option, AX7501-B0 could provide 10G service in either active fiber or XGS-PON network. The latest dual-band wireless WiFi 6 (11ax) technology optimizes bandwidth utilization to increase network capacity and the number of simultaneous streams, allowing more subscribers to enjoy superior connectivity with extremely low latency.

AX7501-B0, XGS-PON
AX7501-B0, WiFi 6
AX7501-B0, EasyMesh standards
AX7501-B0, ZyEE containers
AX7501-B0, SFP+ cage
AX7501-B0, Remote management
AX7501-B0, OPAL platform


WiFi 6 (11ax) technology for superior performance and coverage

The Zyxel AX7501-B0 supports the WiFi 6 (11ax) standard to offer lightning-fast throughputs of up to 6 Gbps**. The performance enables operators to provide UHD 4K/8K services to subscribers and hybrid high-throughput applications in homes for a true IoT lifestyle.

Uplink MU-MIMO

AX7501-B0, WiFi 6 (11ax) technology for superior performance and coverage


AX7501-B0, WiFi 6 (11ax) technology for superior performance and coverage

Integrated internet services through fiber

The Zyxel AX7501-B0 supports 10GbE LAN with reserved SFP+ cage to support 10G active fiber Ethernet functions. The product smoothly migrates from today’s Gigabit fiber deployments to the next-generation 10G symmetric fiber solutions.

TR-069 remote management for lower OPEX

With the TR-069 standard management specifications, the Zyxel AX7501-B0 allows service providers to manage, configure monitor and diagnose client devices remotely without interfering end users. This unique feature saves operating time as well as maintenance costs for service providers.

Zyxel OPAL firmware realizes the flexibility and faster time-to-market

Compliant with the same OPAL firmware trunk applied in all Zyxel CPEs, the AX7501-B0 inherits a rich, field-proven feature set including TR-069 and more. Service providers can ensure the same user experience, after migrating to new devices.

Faster software development and less operating system risks

Zyxel ZyEE is a secure and future-proof Linux kernel-based execution environment, also known as a container. ZyEE creates a predictable environment isolated from other applications for software developers and service providers to develop, enable, install, and uninstall third-party applications without risking the core operating system. ZyEE's portability and scalability enhance software development agility by providing broader compatibility with various hardware environments. In addition, the compact and structurally simple ZyEE optimizes system computing resources. With ZyEE, service providers can deliver new features to subscribers with reduced time-to-market while remotely managing services through existing ACS servers.

Application Diagram

Active Fiber Application

AX7501-B0, Active Fiber Application

Passive Fiber Application

AX7501-B0, Passive Fiber Application

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.
** The EasyMesh standards-compliant AX7501-B0 can only work with the WX3401 Wireless Extender.