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Success Stories

Sur la voie du succès avec Zyxel

Comme des alliés qui sont toujours aux côtés de leurs amis, nous célébrons aussi les succès de nos clients. S'il s'agit de l'etablissement d'une infrastructure professionnelle ou du déploiement d'un réseau dans une école - chaque réussite est précieuse pour nous !

Découvrez comment les clients Zyxel exploitent leur potentiel.

Star Fortress
Zyxel Nebula – en tête de la compétition

Beaucoup de fabricants offrent des solutions pour une gestion réseau centralisée. Le fournisseur IT morininet SA mise sur la solution cloud Zyxel et nous révèle les avantages de Nebula face à la concurrence.

Star Fortress
Zyxel Networks refreshes and renovates hungarian ...

... hundred-year-old fortress’s network. Stable WiFi is essential for tourist destinations.

Guglielmo Marconi Institute
WiFi 6 APs and USG Flex Security Gateways School Italian College ...

... in network coverage, security. The institute needed to upgrade its network on multiple fronts. Specifically, it needed to support more devices, better protect data security, and allow easier, centralized network management.

Best Sound
Zyxel Nebula Solution helps italian music production company ...

... improve network security and efficiency. Stable, high-speed and secure WiFi connectivity was essential for the artists as they needed to upload and download music files demanding high bandwidth.

Belka Games
Zyxel WiFi 6 Solution powers up gaming company’s wireless network

The Ukrainian division was growing fast and moving to a larger office.

Sil Ceramiche
Zyxel Nebula Solution helps italian ceramics maker ...

... enhance logistics management and overcome network challenges.

Foodxervices Singapore
Zyxel Networks dishes up high-performance data and...

... Surveillance Network for Singaporean Foodservice company. Foodxervices reached out to its system integrator to find a suitable solution from a reliable vendor.

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
Zyxel Nebula Solution helps top Thai University improve network...

... performance and teaching quality. Given the school’s less than favorable experience with the previous vendor’s APs, customer support was a top priority when seeking a new supplier to upgrade the infrastructure.

Software Company France
Tiller a french POS company grateful for...

... enhanced customer experience and network management efficiency with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Logistics Company Italy
Zyxel Nebula Solution Helps Italian Logistics Company ...

... Ensure Steady Wireless and Wired Connectivity Throughout Premises. Provide high-quality wireless connectivity to the office, warehouse, and guest network ...

Hotel SotoGrande Katipunan
Zyxel Nebula Solution Brings Best-in-Class Cloud Networking to Hotel

Hotel SotoGrande Katipunan owner found it necessary to centrally monitor their network system, but it was not possible under the existing system...

India’s Leading Power Plant Grateful for Centralized, Hassle-free Network

Huge area of 20,000 square feet makes seamless, high-speed WiFi connectivity a difficult task. Signal loss and dropped connections common due to unstable connectivity...

Preschool Shane England
Shane Preschool Ups its Competitive Edge with Zyxel Switching Solution

To ensure capacity for top teaching quality, next-generation smart classrooms were essential for the school, which seeks to introduce new technologies and innovative applications to enhance the learning ...

Luxury Hotel Djibouti
Djibouti’s Luxury Hotel Improves Wireless Connectivity...

... and Guest Experience with Zyxel Nebula Solution. The hotel wanted steady WiFI not just in guest rooms but also in halls, corridors, and other activity areas. Installing access points to fit all the ...

Residenza Italy
Italian Hotel with secure, GDPR-compliant Wireless Network

Hotel La Residenza Capri is one of the largest hotels in Italy that attracts a large number of nature and culture lovers. Today’s hospitality customers decide on hotels after reviewing booking and travel portals.

Willems Transport
WLAN Solution for Logistics Company's Network in Holland

Willems Transport represents a typical logistics customer for KaPé Automatisering. The customer takes care of the transport and storage of a manufacturer of dairy and pharmaceutical products in the newly ...

Réseau WiFi hotélier reloaded à l'Agora Swiss Night

L‘hôtel Agora Swiss Night by Fassbind a investi dans l‘avenir d‘une façon innovatrice pour la pleine satisfaction de ses hôtes et de ses clients commerciaux.

Italian Restaurant
Denim Brand Enhances Consumer Experience with Nebula Solution

Seamless WiFi connectivity for showrooms and stores of Italian denim brand Jeanseria Lusso. Separate GDPR-compliant networks with enterprise-level security for staff and customers ...

Italian Restaurant
Norway gets lightning-fast, next-generation WiFi

Norway gets lightning-fast, next-generation technology with Zyxel WiFi 6 gateway

Italian Restaurant
High Performance and Secure Network for an Italian Restaurant

Historic Italian Restaurant Revives with High Performance and Secure Network with Zyxel Nebula and Security Solutions

New cloud-managed, faster and secure network to UK school

The network has become an important tool for the 1,500 pupils and the teachers of Sprowston Community Academy looking to engage them with a first-class education ...

Zyxel takes KTPL's GPON network to the next level in a residential city

As an Infrastructure Partner of BSNL, a top service provider in India, KTPL was searching for a high-level GPON solution to upgrade their existing ...

Locanda Delle Donne Monache
Zyxel Helps Ensure Customer Satisfaction and GDPR Compliance

Quality of WiFi access has become an important index when it comes to evaluating a hotel’s facilities. La Locanda delle Donne Monache is a fascinating hotel built upon ...

Maloohtinsky College
Zyxel Enables Fast WiFi Network Deployment in Vocational College

Maloohtinsky College, a top-notch primary vocational educational institution in St. Petersburg, decided to build a new wireless network infrastructure ...

Les 70 points
d’accès de la Trinité

Le monastère de Sarnen n‘entretient pas seulement les connexions divines, mais aussi celles à l‘intérieur des murs. Pour que les soeurs puissent téléphoner sans interruptions, le partenaire Zyxel ParCom...

VPN Connection for a Solar Power Company

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution Delivered More Stable and Easy-to-Manage VPN Connection to Multinational Solar Power Company

Nebula Cloud Solution Protects Hotelier’s Network Investment

"Zyxel’s Nebula is giving us the tools to make sure our clients can really focus on their guests instead of on their ICT Networks. Nebula will give our clients full visibility on their networks and will give us access to monitor...

Military Minister Mansion
Wireless Solution Upgrades Historic Russian Hotel

Zyxel Wireless Solution Upgrades Historic Russian Hotel with Modern Network and Services

Italian Boat Show
Italian Boat Show Venue gets Nebula Solution

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Networking Solution Enables Smart Navigation and Easy Internet Access at Italian Boat Show Venue

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Expands their Network

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Expands with Networking Upgrade from Zyxel

Belgian School
Education Revolution at Belgian School

Zyxel Nebula Solution Spurs Education Revolution at Belgian School

Italian Food Service Company
Electronic Payments with Zyxel at Italian Food Service Company

Italian Food Service Company Makes Electronic Payments Safer with Zyxel Security Products

4-Star Hotel Uses a Zyxel Solution to Create Wireless Bliss

After deploying a Zyxel solution specifically designed for hospitality ventures, the Village Hotel got everything it had hoped for: blazingly fast WiFi whether in the lobby or guest rooms, streamlined network infrastructure, an easy-to-use management interface, and comprehensive tech support from our knowledgeable family of distributors.

Ferienanlage Surses Alpin in Savognin
Italian Theater Builds Centrally-Manageable Network

Italian Theater Builds Centrally-Manageable and Secure Network with Zyxel Nebula Cloud Solution

Ferienanlage Surses Alpin in Savognin
German Logistics Company Gets WiFi

German Logistics Company Gets Reliable, State-of-the-Art Warehouse Network with Zyxel Wireless Solution

Ferienanlage Surses Alpin in Savognin
Nebula Solution for a German Food Service Company

German Food Service Company Realizes Digital Transformation with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Ferienanlage Surses Alpin in Savognin
Pas de vacances pour le Wi-Fi

L'infrastructure informatique d'un complexe touristique dans les Grisons n'était plus à jour. Après un projet fructueux, le WiFi travaille maintenant 24 heures sur 24.

Italian manufacturing company
Italian manufacturing company Revitalized production facility

Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli is an Italian manufacturing company that specializes in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Windkanal in Winterthur
Simulateur d chute libre sécurisé

"Dans la soufflerie de Winterthour, on vole dans un canal à vent. La réservation fonctionne dans le cloud, une grande fiabilité est requise. Zyxel entre dans le jeu."

Primary School in Gengenbach
Education to the Next Level in Germany

Geschwister-Scholl Primary School in Gengenbach, Germany serves as the educational home for several hundred students and more than 30 dedicated teachers.

Milk House
New Zyxel solution for the Russian Milk House

The Russian Dairy Company Gets Modern, Multisite Connectivity with Zyxel Wireless Solution

Zyxel GPON Solution
Zyxel GPON Solution for a Thai Boutique Resort

After receiving the fiber-optic power of a Zyxel GPON Solution, guests can now stream HD shows on IPTV, make crystal-clear VoIP calls, and access websites and apps via high-speed internet.

College Grows Fiber-Optic Network
Thai Agricultural College Grows Fiber-Optic Network

The school’s new GPON network is powerful, energy efficient, and scalable, ensuring that students and teachers have high-speed access to valuable educational information for decades to come.

Ausblick in die Winterthurer Sportarena
Une arène sportive WiFi

"L‘arène peut accueillir 2‘000 visiteurs - et utilisateurs WiFi potentiels"

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
Wi-Fi on the menu

"We’re fortunate enough to have a lot of visitors every day, and it’s important to make sure we’re giving them an all-around great experience—which includes fast, reliable internet access."

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
Competitive advantage with Zyxel

"It was an easy decision to partner with Zyxel on this project,as its price to performance ratio is simply better than the competition."

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
Stadions with high-quality Networks

"Zyxel's innovative networking solutions to meet the WiFi needs of thousands of fans and the wireless needs of athletes, employees and management"

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
450m2 uninterrupted Wi-Fi

"Our network needs to handle up to 6,000 customers a day, with easy management by our staff, and Zyxel makes it possible."

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
Upgraded Network = better learning

"This upgraded network solution marks a new milestone for our school. Both pupils and teachers alike benefitfrom having real-time access to important information."

Mann mit Tablet in der Hand steht in einem Lager und überwacht das Netzwerk.
On the wave of success

"With the help of Zyxel Nebula we solve problems before they impact the production process."

Menschen an einem Tisch
Surveillance des appareils Zyxel

La sécurité informatique devient de plus en plus complexe. Souvent des fournisseurs externes s‘occupent des réseaux.

Menschen an einem Tisch
Installation réussie avec Nebula

D’abord réticents, les revendeurs IT se montrent ensuite de plus en plus favorables à la gestion des réseaux dans le cloud. Zurichnetgroup a déjà déployé Zyxel Nebula dans trois projets...

Menschen an einem Tisch
Médecins Sans Frontières

Des quatre coins du monde, les collaborateurs de l’ONG Médecins Sans Frontières Suisse sont connectés au siège principal...

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