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LTE Solution

Evolutionary Steps

LTE is the fourth-generation technology with a great improvement on spectrum efficiency, higher user data rate, low latency, cost reduction, system capacity and coverage.

New research from global analyst firm Ovum reveals that LTE subscriptions passed the one-billion mark during the final quarter of 2015 to deliver double-digit growth for the next five years. While five countries account for nearly three-quarters of all LTE subscriptions, with China on top, this is expected to expand to over ten countries by 2020.

Ovum also noted that LTE adoption has occurred twice as fast as W-CDMA as wireless data speeds become 'critical' to users while operators aggressively roll out 4G networks to meet consumer demand for capacity. This uptake is being fuelled by an attractive, expanding LTE device ecosystem. Over 300 suppliers have now launched 3,000 LTE user devices with nearly a half released the last twelve months.

2015: 1.05 billion LTE Subscriptions

2015 - 1.05 billion LTE Subscriptions
Source: Ovum

2020: 3.62 billion LTE Subscriptions

2020 - 3.62 billion LTE Subscriptions
Source: Ovum