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Personal Cloud Storage

Today’s smartphone users are no strangers to low-storage alerts. You can now free up much-needed space on your smartphone by simply backing up all your photos and videos to ZyXEL’s Personal Cloud Storage solution. Enjoying virtual backup or access your home’s data from anywhere in the world with Internet access.


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Centralized Data
Manage each of your devices - mobile phone, tablet , laptop , camera , external hard drives, USB drives from a central device — the ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage device.
Centralize all storage for private sharing and streaming.
Upload & download work files from home or anywhere
Location Flexibility

Stay productive, even when you are away from the office.

Upload your office documents to ZyXEL Personal Cloud Storage and continue working from home.

Auto backup mobile devices for multimedia access
Keep it Rolling

Stop worrying about space limits and shoot all the photos and videos you desire on your next getaway.

ZyXEL Personal Cloud enables you to back up your treasured moments and memories while on the go.